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Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

September 8, 2011

Ok…. So we are off on our big adventure, blogging from 30,000 feet ( for the small price of $12.95). Weather was iffy at 4:00 in the morning for those of you who missed it. Lightening bolts everywhere! We were nervous that the flight wouldn’t get off on time but we are in the air.

Bruzer wasn’t too happy about the storms either but with the help of a little Xanax, I’m sure he’s feeling much better about now,

(Dorothy here-you will all be relieved to know that the puppies will be in the very capable care of Paige-I hope she doesn’t feel ignored if they’re a little groggy!!). For the remainder of today they are on the honor system with scheduled visits from Paige, John & Chrisi and then Paige again–their dance card is full!!!!!!l)


(mm here) So this is Wes……our driver who drove us through the pouring rain. He got us to the airport safely and we zipped through security without a hitch!


Our first major snafu……….at the gate….one of us realized we didn’t have a key for their motorcycle……straw poll……please drop a comment to guess which one of us it was!

All is well……when you need lawyers, guns, and money… call Chrisi and John! Spare on it’s way from FedEx and we’ll still make the Alcatraz tour tomorrow night.

So we’re boarding our connecting flight to SJ, dragging our helmets through the airport with us…..we chat up a nice lady at our gate and making conversation…I comment how we brought helmets because we were afraid of flying….she proceeds to tell us about her traumatic brain injury and the plate in her head…..what are the chances?


They gave us the worlds smallest pretzels for lunch….yummy! And filling!

We touch down soon…..we’re traveling with the north Dakota fighting Sioux women’s volleyball team…..Dorothy insists she as tall as them!

Thanks for coming on our adventure with us……if it gets boring sorry but we’re doing this primarily to record the funny little things that transpire for our own posterity… know, dementia. I think it’s setting in as we speak!

Tonight we’re off to the Winchester Mansion!


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  1. maryjane permalink
    September 8, 2011 1:09 pm

    wow..thats great im glade things going great..we think it maybe dorothy…lol.have a great time.

  2. Sam permalink
    September 10, 2011 7:20 am

    Can’t believe someone Dorothy forgot you4 key get one made and hide it on the bike both of you. Thought you do that or have a spare key for each other . Have fun jealous of that adventure for sure miss you guys be safe and have fun. Ps thank god for John

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