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Terra Firma

September 9, 2011



We landed in San Jose without a hitch–it really was fun to watch the terrain change from 30,000 feet-what a magnificent land!

We caught a taxi at the airport for the 10 minute (which turned into 20 minute) drive to the warehouse to pick up the bikes. The bikes looked great! Old faithfuls that were really missed. However, on closer inspection Melissa noticed that her bags had been completely re-tied down, and not very well. The Velcro was left unattached, and her outer pocket had been opened. One of her knives was missing. Her handlebars had been loosened and twisted down. The warehouse manager came out & duly noted everything, but he had no authority or knowledge of the incident. We are still waiting for the shipping co. to return Melissa’s call. Anyway, they readjusted her handlebars, she readjusted her bags, and off we went.


Melissa stayed right behind our renegade taxi driver as he threaded his way through freeway traffic! and we made it to our hotel in record tine. After a short power nap, on to the Winchester House. No ghosts in evidence tonight, but it was a very interesting tour—–




Walking home from the Winchester House we stumbled upon a street fashion show!!!!!


(mm here) yes, a fashion show…..apparently it was international fashion night….yes, international. I wonder what they did in TomsRiver to celebrate? After we garnered a few snotty looks for our biker attire, we split laughing at the models while we were on our way to get a cheeseburger!

Transformation to road warrior has begun….my nails are so filthy, they can’t be scrubbed clean. Once my hair gets good and knotty, transformation will be nearly complete!

Just a few more pictures





Winchester house preparing for it’s fright night.

These are the Winchester Mansion construction team. The guy in white facing away from the rest it one of the ghosts that haunts the place. He’s been seen by whole tours in the basement. I was calling for him but no luck!

The house is truly amazing….right down to having decorated door hinges. It used to be 7 stories high until the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. While Mrs. Winchester was alive…she had the whole front part of the house that was damaged boarded up. You can tour it now and it’s cool because you can see where a fireplace just dropped out of it’s casing and plastered just cracked and fell off the walls. Really neat!

Off to San Fran today.

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  1. Lee Ann permalink
    September 9, 2011 8:40 am

    Hahaha, very entertaining reading. Sorry to say, but I have to think it was Dorothy who forgot her met :-). BTW, sorry I missed you before you left. Have a GREAT time.

  2. maryjane permalink
    September 9, 2011 9:10 am

    hi. ladys were so happy to see things are and some of the lsdys was .

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