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Welcome to the Rock

September 10, 2011

Post just evaporated in front of my eyes……ugh! Technology! I’ll try again in the morning!

Ok…take 2….. And, action!

Well it’s day 2 and we rode a whopping 40 miles. But we still have 3000 miles left to go because
we haven’t started heading east yet.

And the answer is…………..



With keys in hand by 10:30 we went to pick up Dorothy’s bike. We were excited to get on the road, however, when we arrived to pick up her bike…they had completely disassembled her windshield. Nothing but a jigsaw of parts. Not one man at that place could offer any assistance…. Fortunately, we have been carrying around a cheesy little tool set (Harley only charged $70 for it instead of the usual (H)undred (D)ollars.) for the last 2 years, we finally got to use it.

It’s nice to have some justification.

We also got to use my monster knife, Stanton couldn’t get the straps loose so we cut them!

This is Stanton, a very nice but large Samoan. He helped get the bike off the pallet, and after an interesting conversation, he confessed to not being able to wear tube socks secondary to his large Samoan calves.

We headed north on the 101 and charged San Francisco, in short sleeves. When we left San Hose we were sweating when we got to San Francisco, it was FREEZING! We were getting some strange looks, I like to think it’s because they thought we were a couple of East Coast Bad Asses. Truth is, I was so cold I think I sprained a nipple and as soon as we hit the hotel, I put on all the fleece and leather I could find.

This hot, cold, hot, cold, hot crap is starting to get on my nerves!

We drove past Candlestick Park and saw a huge fog bank sitting on the city, didn’t hold out much hope for pictures. The hills here in SF aren’t for beginners or sissy’s! My poor clutch.

This is our hotel….the Queen Anne built in 1890. We came looking for ghosts! Our room is the front, 3rd floor turret.



We left the hotel and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge……our Western starting point.


This picture courtesy of some guy named Scott from SF


The rolling fog is creepy….

We headed back to the hotel and in a repeat of a Deadwood incident, we were running to get to our next POI. This what our room looked like.


The flat screen makes the room


Based on info from our hotel, we decided to walk to Fisherman’s Wharf to pick up our boat to Alcatraz. They said it was about a mile……after 1.5 hours of hoofing it, we made it. Obviously a lot farther than a mile. Sorry Mom, no dinner for Dorothy, she managed to stay on her feet!

On the way, we found a street you guys might know

This is the crooked street, Lombard. We didn’t ride down but plan on trying this morning. (maybe less crowded)

On to The Rock!






Actual inmate entrance

Care to shower with 100 of your closest friends? It’s like gym class all over again!



Today we head for Tahoe and the Comstock mining town, Virginia City, NV. Ahhh, finally some eastern progress!

DR here……..We were flying over the Golden Gate Bridge! (or as much as we could be with incoming traffic,) The scenery was truly breathtaking!!! Hard to keep your eyes on the road. The bridge itself was a little anti climactical-sort of rickety and old appearing. NYC’s Geo Wash bridge is MUCH more impressive!! But the landscape in SF can’t be beat. The fog really rolls off the hills like a living creature-and it comes FAST!

I was So excited to go to Alcatraz; the boat ride out was a lot of fun. However, once we were really on “The Rock” I began to get such an oppressive feeling–like a dark weight all around–I couldn’t wIt to get out of there! The cells were claustrophobic, and there was absolutely nothing “entertaining” about any of their stories–just examples of humanity at it’s worst. Sad. I told Melissa thatI definitely want Little House Missouri back on the table!

Neither one of us felt like another 1.5 hour trek to get back to our B & B at 9 pm, so as we were standing at the curb trying to get psyched for the long march home, a strange man came up behind us and said, “Taxi?”. Well, we all but leaped into his dirty rickety van. (Wouldn’t Mom be proud) As he started driving, we realized that his roof didn’t have a taxi sign, there was no meter and no license!!! When he took us through a tunnel that we hadn’t needed to go through to get there, I think Melissa was reaching for her knife. We felt slightly better when his van kept stalling, because then we realized we could outrun him if need be! But all’s well that ends well and we did end up at the right place-Service with a smile!

Home to our B & B where there was tea & homemade cookies waiting for us! (I do love cookies!)
Everyone here has been supernice!!! (Even the renegade cab driver)

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  1. September 10, 2011 4:59 pm

    Love the pics!! Glad you are finally on the move!!! Enjoy!! Peggy

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