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Disregard this post,repeat of San Fran post that disappeared.

September 11, 2011

Well, day 2 of the trip and we rode a whopping 40 miles. But we still have 3,000 left to go because we haven’t even started heading east.

Got Dorothy squared away today….

The answer is…..


Dorothy got her keys, we picked up the bike and for some strange reason, they disassembled her windshield……no explanation…..just a jigsaw of parts. On a bright note……we did get to use the $70 dollar tool set we’ve been dragging around for 2 years as well as my monster knife to cut the straps. Nothing like justification…..

This is Stanton….he helped get Dorothy’s bike off the pallet.

Stanton was a very nice, large Samoan who after a probing discussion, confessed to not being able to wear tube socks secondary to his large Samoan calves

Anyway…..we charged into San Francisco today, in short sleeves. When we left San Jose, we were sweating…..40 miles north and it was FREEZING! We were getting strange looks from people but I’d like to think they thought we were just a couple of East coast hard asses. The truth however is that I think I actually sprained a nipple and as soon as we hit the hotel I put on all the fleece and leather I could find!

All of this hot, cold, hot, cold crap is driving me crazy!

We saw Candlestick Park and a thick cloud of fog as we hit San Fran. Didn’t hold out much hope for pictures. Dropped our junk at the Queen Anne hotel

It was built in 1890. Our room is the 3rd floor, front turret.

We came looking for ghosts. We’ll see what happens tonight!



We left the hotel…..and headed for the Golden Gate……our Western starting point!


This picture courtesy of some guy named Scott from San Fran


The fog is just creepy how it crawls over the bluffs!

We headed back to the hotel and this is what our room looks like……


The flat screen goes so well with Victorian!


In a replay of our Deadwood race for the tour……we decided to walk to the wharf to pick up our boat to Alcatraz. The hotel website said we were about 1 mile from the wharf……it actually took us about 1.5 hours to hoof it there. Sorry Mom, that’s 2 nights in a row….no dinner for Dorothy!
PS…she stayed on her feet this time. Mom…on the way, we found a street you might enjoy walking…..

Yes, this is Lombard street. We were gonna ride it but windshield repair put us a little behind schedule. Might try it in the morning before we go!

The we took the night tour of Alcatraz…….on the night of a full moon. It was really cool but FREEZING. We were ok, but some people were not properly attired.


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  1. gina permalink
    September 12, 2011 11:58 am

    Miss you dorothy make sure you eat.

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