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Eastbound, Finally

September 11, 2011

We did it… up early and hit Lombard street. We were apprehensive driving over, the city was enveloped in fog…arrive around 7:30…. We practically had the place to ourselves!





Check that off the list!

We headed back to the hotel and got set to leave.

We left San Francisco in full gear, got about 30 miles out of town and it was in the 90’s. It required a full roadside strip down and T-shirt exchange. Again with the hot, cold, hot! Passed through Sacramento without incident. Saw the sign “Ocean City, MD. 3070 miles” and headed out into the Sierras. I don’t see what the big to do is about Cali……from San Fran to Folsom, the whole state looks like one big haystack. No wonder the state is always on fire!

Dorothy squeezing all the air out of her possessions.

Too much gear to carry….thankfully there was a bench inside the elevator


Roadside pee stop


We hit rain showers on and off from the pee stop, all the way out of Lake Tahoe. Now it’s hot, cold, wet, rain gear on, rain gear off, hot, cold, hot……jeez




Tahoe is a lot like Lake George. Water was chilly….traffic was horrendous. Nevada is like the ugly little sister though. Could they build the casinos any closer to the state line?

The traffic light denotes the state line.

The Pony Express ran through this area

We rode out in the rain through the mountains and when we started our down….we were in high dessert or is it desert? Anyway….the landscape is different than anything I had ever seen…sand and scrub…no pictures though, after Mother Nature spent the day taunting us, we just wanted to get to the hotel in Virginia City.

PS…on the way, we passed the Mustang Ranch….I think it’s for sale if any one is interested.



Cotton here in the blue shirt owned the hotel until recently when the Comstock mining company paid him $1 million bucks, mostly for the underground mineral rights.

As explained to me….the chunks of gold are gone… However, the dust remains but takes about $300 to process enough dust to get an ounce of gold. When gold was selling at 300 bucks an ounce the was no profit but today’s prices make it well worth while.

Cotton’s sister-in-law was the women’s basketball coach at Monmouth U for 25 years…again, what are the chances?




The balcony view…not exactly Bali



We actually had a hard time getting a room because the camel races are in town….don’t laugh, I’m serious. Downtown Virginia City was cool….it had the wooden boardwalks like back in it’s heyday.




Full moon over Virginia City…..tomorrow, the “Loneliest Road” rt 50.

PS……we had gum for lunch today.

Dorothy too pooped to pop.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Lee Ann permalink
    September 11, 2011 5:13 pm

    Looks like fune, except the weather. Funny you should mention Monmouth Womens Basketball, my cousing is the one of the assistant coaches right now and his former student is the head coach.

  2. maryjane permalink
    September 12, 2011 12:06 pm

    dorothy weres your sun block..gee..can you put it on…

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