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Nevada, Done and Done

September 12, 2011

First order of business……

Does any one else see the irony?

Second order of business…….

We’re loving all the comments…..they keep us going so keep them coming!

Weather has become a factor. There’s a swirl of T-storms all around till tomorrow. We got up early to get some miles in before the afternoon storms. And that is no pretty picture…when we’re rushing to pack, we look like 2 squirrels trapped in a cage with a cat.

We hit the road and it was beautiful out, clear and actually cold. We needed our heated gear. We left Ely and headed down scenic NV-93. It would be a hopscotch day with gas, so the lady at the hotel assured us we could get gas 20 miles down the road. The hotel was right next to a gas station……here’s the thing……heated gear requires a lot of cords, plugs and very difficult tucking. It’s uncomfortable and a bit bulky, so…….after just finishing the tucking….who wants to untuck to get gas.

So we hit the road…..20 miles later…we’re at Major’s for gas. It’s warmed up enough to take some of the heated gear off….here’s the problem………

This is Major’s…not a gas station….locked up tighter than a drum.

F-you John…..we started knocking on doors all around the building till we roused some one to help us. The guy comes out, and not that happy, he say’s…’s $8/ gallon. We look around and say….OK. I mean it’s grab your ankles time……ya know?

This is where we got the gas.

Back on the road, we ran about 80 miles of the most gorgeous, straight roads ever. The sun was just up and it was chilly and the road was barren. Don’t let them kid you, the “Loneliest Road”, rt-50 wasn’t all that lonely……today, NV-93 was the true lonely road.


Pictures can’t do justice.

We were heading south on our way to Rachel, NV….Area 51, Groom Lake.

The whole way there we saw all of this yellow sage brush…it smelled like a bouquet of dried flowers.


Dorothy driving out of Caliente.

As we headed south…we got into the low desert and saw our first cactuses.

The thing that blows me away is the shear vastness of space. It’s hard to get your head around it! You can see 20 miles down the road.

We made a planned stop at Ash Springs for gas…while there, two Harley guys walked up to us and said, “were you two at the La Quinta last night”? They recognized the bikes. We struck up a conversation and before long we were laughing and trading stories as well as valuable info. Like, what’s the weather doing, which road is best, were to stay etc. Even with the other wet bikers we saw after the storm yesterday….that’s half the fun of being on the road…meeting people and finding out their stories. There’s a real camaraderie out on the road…people look out for each other.

So from the main highway ( which is in the middle of no where) you drive another 40 miles to no where. We actually passed a Fed Ex truck out there…probably bringing an alien it’s spaceship keys.

So first we come along the famous black box….except now it’s white. The story: this mailbox actually belongs to a local rancher. It use to be black….so he could find it in the snow. According to Sharon our lunch server, human psyche……follow this, black box, black ops, men in black= UFO. The rancher got tired of all the UFO enthusiasts messing with his mail, he built a second box for the loonies to leave messages etc and painted them both white since now his mailbox had a sinister reputation with the UFO community.

Next we came upon a dead cow on the side of the road….alien animal mutilation….maybe?

Actually, we kept seeing signs….”Warning, Open Range”. All I kept thinking was…oh, crap. We’re riding in the middle of an open military test site.

And then we saw this…..

Yes…that’t a quadruped with horns. Dorothy’s convinced their out to get me…..we drove past him pretty fast.

We had one major task on the list…tag the sign for the Extraterrestrial Highway with a Jersey sticker.



That’t me standing in the trunk of a Camaro

That’s Dorothy with Sandy and Al……..from Jackson, NJ…..I’m not kidding!

There were fighter jets flying over head the whole time flexing their muscles…there was always the rumble of aircraft while we were there.


This is where we had lunch…it’s the hub for UFO enthusiasts.

This is Sharon….our cantankerous waitress and all knowing about Area 51

This Jim who use to restore houses in Ocean Grove….I’m not kidding….now he lives in Rachel

This is Anthony and Lisa…they live in Florida….but they use to live behind the Kmart in Toms River…..I’m not kidding.

Jim was a little existential/philosophical…he said that area of Nevada was a place were thoughts are easily manifested. Meeting 4 people from Ocean/Monmouth out in the middle of bumfuck? Who knows….

We wanted to go out to the government signs warning you to stay off government property…you know…were they can shoot to kill if you cross the invisible boundary but it was ten miles down a dirt road. So we tabled that ’til next time.

DR here-not much more to say-pretty uneventful ride into Utah. The thing is, we had a few more mountain passes to navigate, and there were black clouds following us the whole way. We were so lucky that we only got spritzed on one time. The roads were drenched though for much of the way, and we just knew that if we hadn’t delayed ourselves talking to all those people at the little “AleInn” we would have been stuck right in the middle of it all!!

On into Utah, and we’ve already passed through one time zone-now we’re only two hours behind the East Coast!


3 Comments leave one →
  1. maryjane permalink
    September 13, 2011 8:06 am

    wow..thats alot for they do credit cards lol.being in the middle of bum fu…….the pic are so beautiful.

  2. kenny permalink
    September 13, 2011 12:01 pm

    Hey you guys didn`t get hijacked by a ufo by chance. I thought I saw one flying around last night with a sign, express to mars. But they had to stop in jersey to look for somebodys keys.

  3. September 13, 2011 5:16 pm

    Looks like so much fun!! That guy from Ocean Grove looks familiar!! Small world!! Continue to enjoy and be safe!! We miss you!!

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