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September 13, 2011

Surprise, surprise…..we awoke to scattered thunderstorms. Left Cedar City around 9:00…headed for Bryce Canyon. It was beyond chilly…….it was down right cold! Heated gear, check! Cedar City was our first sight of red rocks.



However, there was a new factor to consider…..with the rain and cold temps….there was black ice in the canyons. The canyon sides were so shear, the sun couldn’t warm the roads. The scenery, however was breathtaking. We just took our time.

Navajo Lake

It just kept getting better and better.

There’s tons of open range around here…..animals everywhere. In one of the meadows, we ran into a flock of sheep…..we showed up just in time to watch the Australian sheep dogs to do there thing….the cowboy just pointed and the dogs took off to get the stray sheep.




We saw deer on the side of the road….lot’s of wildlife everywhere.

We headed past Bryce and the scenery was mind blowing! Dorothy and I talk about this all the time….taking pictures doesn’t do it justice….sometimes it’s too overwhelming to try…’s about the ride and just trying to absorb as much as you can. The pics you see barely represent what we actually saw today. The landscape changed drastically from place to place. And the environment is so severe……the people who settled these places had some guts to leave all that they knew to come here and try and scrape out a living.












And then….the storms rolled in! On with the gear! We spent a good part of the day tucking gear, removing gear, rearranging gear, adding gear…….

No more gear changing!

From this change outside of Boulder, UT, we left the canyons and headed into the mountains. At one point, I’m looking at the road and literally, we are riding on top of a mountain ridge. I wanted a picture so bad but there was 12 inches on either side of the rode and then it just dropped off… place to stop. Crazy!

From the mountains, we rode through Capitol Reef National Park…..more red rock……overwhelming! Look it up…….we have no pictures….it was getting late in the day. I swear as we were driving through, I could see the faces of the ancient ancestors in the rock. It was magical, truly. We come around a turn and the red rock is gone! Now everything is grey…….it was like turning a corner and landing on the surface of the moon. No pictures….late in the day. The last leg of the day was through more desert….and then 35 miles from the hotel

Last dressing change of the day. The weather out here is crazy……freezing in the morning…..boiling in the afternoon. We went from a 5 layer day to a 2 layer day. It’s really just the sun, the air is cool enough to wear leather while riding (which is helpful in keeping them sun from taking your top layer of skin) but stop for 5 minutes to get something out of your bag and you’re sweating.

In actuality, we only got drizzled on today but you can always see the storms out in the distance and just when you’re certain you’ll miss it, the road curves to head right for it. The only way to tell directions in these canyons is to watch the shadows on the ground. It’s like …are we gonna hit it, I see blue sky over there, then you try to delude yourself into believing the road will curve away, it never does.

Dorothy and I found a sure fire way to avoid bad weather….it takes us so long to readjust gear…the storm usually blows through.

Today’s moral…….the land out here is so vast and strange….you can’t believe it till you see it!
Dorothy calls our flyby trip a scouting mission…so we can come back to see the things we really wanna do on another trip! Tomorrow, we see Arches National Park.

Get out and see your country people!

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  1. jean permalink
    September 14, 2011 7:36 am

    Margie & i are thoroughly enjoying the posts & photos of your adventure. And happy to know you are safe. Love you guys, jean & margie

  2. Stephanie permalink
    September 14, 2011 12:20 pm

    Dorothy, I’ve been following your blog daily. I can’t help being jealous, but I’d never have the guts to go so far so fast. I never knew any road was ever so straight and level! It looks so desolate! Keep up your eastward trek. Please stay strong and healthy!

  3. kenny permalink
    September 14, 2011 1:26 pm

    Hey you two.
    Im sitting here following your journey across country and it is awsome.
    While im checking your adventures I feel great and excited!
    But for some reason as soon as I klick off, I feel like a big hunk a lunk a dump of fuckin dried out sshhiiit.!!! {go figure} heehee!!!

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