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Payin’ our dues

September 15, 2011

This is how the day began……

If you’ve been watching the weather, you know this part of the country has been socked in with weather. Up to this point, we’ve been pretty lucky……..had some rain but never really pounded. We managed to skirt this storm with just a little drizzle thanks to a turn off on a back road to Moab.



This is the Dewey bridge built in 1916

It was the first bridge across the Colorado river allowing supplies to be brought from the state of Colorado to western Utah. When I was planning the trip, I read about this bridge along UT-128 and was excited to see that it had been turned into a usable footbridge. Then I later read it had been burnt down by a bunch kids…..grrrrrrrr!

Note the charged trees

UT-128 runs for 50 miles along the Colorado to Moab….weather threatened the whole time but it was one of the best rides of the trip! Even though at one point I had a nat buzzing around in
in my ear and had to abruptly pull over and dig it out.


I’M ready





More weather setting in…..

We made it to Moab, had brunch and headed to Arches….

On the way through town it was really cool…it’s just a different lifestyle. Everyone is into the outdoors and fitness. It’s like and adult playground! You can run, bike, whitewater raft, rent enduros, quads, buggies, kayaks, horseback riding. You could spend a month in town.



Just as we ascended the the road into the park, the skies opened up. We pulled over to see if the storm would pass. To kill time we actually read all of the interpretive signs. We walked down a path a little ways…signs all over mandating tourists to stay on the path. Dorothy was very nervous we would stray from the well demarcated path. I step off the path to get a better angle on a picture when a big clap of thunder hits. Dorth yells, ” get back on the path”. I guess you had to be there but we belly laughed for about 5 minutes.

We were 22 miles into the park and still hadn’t see our first real arch. I was photographing a picture of a baby arch when the thunder hit. I really thought they’d be closer to the gate. Dorothy says that’s a Jersey mentality!

We arrive at the area for Delicate Arch and there’s a choice….a 45 minute hike to the arch or a viewing area 1.1 mile up the road. We opt for the 1.1 viewing area….we arrive and are faced with a 1 mile hike up hill. We were in full gear, rain and fleece with an ambient temp of around 75.


By the time we got to the top of the arch, we were stripped down to our bottom layer and we could still only get within 2 football fields of the arch.


This is baby arch

I really thought the arches would all be right around the corner from the gate……tired and wet…we decided to cut our loses and go

Dorothy, ever the optimist said… least we got to see something most tourists never do……

A waterfall!

I told her that Mother Nature was showing us how she made the arches. Weren’t we lucky to be there for the show?

For more pictures of Arches….please refer to the Internet!

We hit the road and headed for Cortez, CO…..about 20 miles south of Arches, right along the road..there was the biggest and prettiest arch but we were wet, cold and tired….too tired to stop for pictures!

We unceremoniously passed into Colorado happy to be in dry clothes and immediately took a 3 hour nap at the hotel.

Tomorrow we go to Mesa Verde…hopefully the weather will cut us a break. It’s really impacting the trip. We spoke to some guys from Colorado when we were in Utah and they told us that there is already snow and ice up in the mountain passes. We think we’re gonna ditch the Million Dollar highway ( death road) and save it for another time.

We’re done zig zagging and should be headed due east from here!

The bikes look disgusting!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. jean gundling permalink
    September 15, 2011 7:16 am

    Margie and I are really enjoying the posts…….looks like a great trip! Happy you are posting everyday, so we know you are safe… you guys, jean and margie

  2. kenny permalink
    September 15, 2011 11:19 am

    Hey dorthy,you only have 8 seconds to hog tie that goat! Ready,GO!! 🙂

    Thats gotta be the biggest f—-r in the world. holy mackeral,
    Whoa, steady there guys, back up slowly, don`t piss it off !!
    No wonder they get bad weather out there every month!!!
    Huh! Let them alien`s figure that one out?

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