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President and Pioneer

September 21, 2011

You’ll all be happy to know that we are not locked in a basement and are still out and about the country. Having lost another hour, we actually got out of the hotel a little late today. Head to Lincoln’s birthplace in a spitting rain.


Bottom line…….the memorial is indeed located directly on the site of the original family cabin.


The cornerstone was laid by Teddy Roosevelt in 1909 and the monument was dedicated in 1911. They’re having a big 100 year celebration in November. There are 56 steps leading up to the monument…one for every year of Lincoln’s life.


Ok…the next part is tricky


Inside the monument you find this “symbolic” log cabin. The story is this…..the Lincoln’s left this property because of a land dispute. When they left, a neighbor bought their cabin to use it to help build a new log home for the neighbor.

Some years later, a businessman from New York wanted to build an amusement park in Kentucky and display the “Lincoln” cabin. I don’t know if the park was ever built but the logs that this cabin are made from were found in storage in NY. Making it plausible that this reconstructed cabin may be made with some of the Lincoln cabin logs.


Each door at the monument weighs 700lbs.

There’s a house in Berks County near where my family lives that we’ve always known as the Lincoln house. I asked the rangers about it today and they looked up the line of decendency. On his paternal side, his great, great grandfather come from England to Monmouth County, NJ and then moved to Berks county…hence the house.

When the Lincoln’s left their farm because of a land dispute, they moved about 10 miles up the road to some rented property where Lincoln lived till he was about 8 or 9 called Knob Hill.

The original Lincoln house is not on the property but they’ve moved the house of Lincoln’s best friend on to the property. This best friend pulled Lincoln out from Knob Creek and saved him from drowning when they were young boys. They couldn’t swim.




As you can see, Knob Creek won’t drown anyone right now.

We left Knob Creek headed for Frankfort. We ran through some light rain and about 50 miles up the road we were at the state capitol. As we headed into town, the skies opened up and we got drenched!

Our quarry was the grave site of Daniel Boone…some of you may scratch your head and say who cares? Well, where I was raised….Daniel Boone was born and his homestead still stands.

Google ” where is Daniel Boone buried?”. You’ll find a very fascinating story. Bottom line, he was reinterred from MO, and they’re not even sure if they got the correct guy:).


Yes, that’s me in drenched rain gear!

The grave is a beautiful site…it sits on the edge of the cemetery overlooking all of Frankfort. On a clear day I’m sure the view is staggering.





By the time we left Frankfort, the rain was letting up but the damage had been done. There was water sloshing around inside my boots. I even put bags in my boots before we left this morning.

Heading for West Virginia, we rode in some sunshine and blue sky but the roads were full of water and we were constantly getting wet. We planned to head for Morgantown, WV because according to the weather channel, the storm front was hugging the spine of the Eastern Appalachian Mountains. So we stayed west while making northern progress.

We got north of Charleston and the pavement dried out. It was early evening and we figured we’d put in all the miles we could on dry road. We road em like we stole em….and what a beautiful ride it was. We saw a rainbow, the sun turned the sky all red and pink, there were little pockets of mist all around the mountains and it smelled so clean and piney. It was so relaxing. Dorothy said that the constant “s” turns through the mountains were like doing a dance.

We stopped for gas and Dorothy said she saw 2 little deer chasing each other up a driveway.

We got to the hotel around 7:30 and promptly set about drying our boots!


We don’t know what tomorrow’s weather has in store for us but we’ve decided to skip Gettysburg and start for home. We may make it to my parents’ house tomorrow and Jersey sometime Friday….fingers crossed!

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  1. kenny permalink
    September 22, 2011 11:13 am

    Uh Dorthy they found your keys in california. You gotta go back and get them.
    Closing in on home turf. Sounds good. Don`t push it. Stay cool, and dry.

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