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Getting Started

September 5, 2012

This my iPad test run to see if we’re firing on all cylinders.

So once again we’re embarking on our annual bike trip. Thank you all for coming along.

As far as I know the bikes are still in transit. They were picked up from Atlantic County Harley last Thursday.


You may or may not remember last years debacle with Dorothy’s windshield…we’ll see what happens this year.

Sign reads “Please do not disassemble windshield, it’s already broken”

Another change from last year….we tried taking the bus home from AC. That, is a whole different group of people.

Us at the bus stop across from AC Harley Davidson

It was a long ride but at least we know we can do it if we need too!

So anyway…. The bikes went to Illinois where they rode out Isaac and went to Georgia from there. Yeah I know, why Georgia, not exactly the most direct route. Last I heard, they left on their way to New Orleans. Fingers crossed!

I told a couple of people we’re just as likely to get the good news that the bikes have been delivered along with the bad news that they’ve been delivered to Minnesota!

We’ll be back, posting soon from the road!

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