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Hurricane Season

September 8, 2012

Well we’re finally on the road and having a great time! Flights went like clockwork… No hitches. We arrived in New Orleans and were about 5 miles from the Harley dealership where we picked up the bikes. When we arrived to get them, we gave our keys to the service man and he promptly came back to tell me that the battery in my security fob was dead. Meaning the bike won’t start. Great… It’s always something. I suppose that’s not so bad….. At least we all HAD our keys this time!

The dealership assured me it was no big deal… They would just change the battery….except that they were sold out of fob batteries. However, given all of Sam’s ribbing about last years debacle and spare keys… I had my spare fob and so the day was saved.


This is me with Rodney, General Manager of New Orleans Harley Davidson. He was very helpful with getting the bikes and making sure we had what we need. He’s from Red Bank…….it’s happening again!!!!!!!!!!

We tried to fire up the bikes and as it happened…The shipping company left Dorothy’s windshield in tact but drained ALL of our gas. Dorothy’s bike was coughing, coughing, dying. The guys came running out the garage to see what was going on and they were nice enough to fill our tanks for free. They took great care of us!

We headed into town….it was like 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Yikes. We got to the French Quarter……driving the streets down there was like taking your life into your own hands. Lot’s of construction, dirt patches, and deep gullies. Traffic was terrible and we started getting the classic “clutch hand”. Stop, go,stop go……I pulled over to recheck the maps to find the hotel and as it turns out… We were right around the corner from it.

Got the hotel, and was immediately greater by Kim from Four Points Sheraton’s valet service. And future biker I might add! She got us the hook up, we parked, only to find out our room wasn’t ready yet.

This is actually were VACATION starts…..we piled into the ladies room, switched into bathing suits and hit the pool!!!!



Then we needed some refreshment! It is hotter than Hades here! What else could we do? Go in the pool “unvoluntarily?”. Dorothy made friends with the bartender who told her that the power was out for several days here in town. He put all of his food in coolers, hooked his jumper cables up to his car battery to get power for his blender and hosted a big party for all his friends.

But then you won’t be you be surprised to know, we had to ride out the rain storm…..yes rainstorm under a flimsy poolside umbrella with (2) more refreshment!


Not our fault.

Pool view from our room.

After the rain stopped…we headed out to see the sights on Bourbon Street.


Not even Mardi Gras and the crowd was crazy!

Went to Pat Obrien’s where a $20 bill got us out of a 45 minute wait…dinner, hurricanes



Saw an actually wedding party come dancing down the street



Walked by the cathedral. The surrounding streets were lined with fortune tellers of all types!

Tomorrow, we’re going someplace, to get some special deep fried doughnut Dorothy wants, a tour of the Garden District and then off to the haunted plantation!!!!!!


Don’t worry Dorothy took Bourbon Street, like a champ! I just checked….she’s out, dirty feet and all, but i held a mirror to her mouth, she’s breathing 🙂

Addendum: Mornin’ from New Orleans newest, slow moving, morning zombie. Just heard about the waterspout off of Kettle Creek, in Brick………..not our fault!

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  1. mom permalink
    September 9, 2012 8:33 am

    no rain ! no rain ! keep thinking that .

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