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If They Hiss, That’s Bad

September 10, 2012

That was the last word of advice we got before departing the Harley dealership this morning. I brought the bike in for an oil leak, which was caused by the pinching of a gasket when the derby cover was replaced. It took about 90 minutes and $60 bucks which is a bargain of both time and money when you’re on the road.

We finished so early that we had a few extra hours to kill before check in at our haunted plantation so we conferred with Elmo at the Harley place and agreed on a scenic route that would take us farther south into the swamps. He offered some qualifiers, first, some of the roads he hadn’t actually driven himself and second, it is alligator hunting season so he said “be sure to keep your eyes open for gators!”. I asked him what we should do if we saw one….he said “Drive around it, they freeze when they hear a car coming, but if they’re hissing, that’s bad…. And definitely do not get off your bike to take a picture.”

I was elated to have another opportunity to experience a quadruped in its own, natural environment. As some of you may know, I have a troubles past with some species of 4 legged animals. Walking out of the dealership, Dorothy was dragging her bottom lip. Similar to what she looks like when she’s hungry.

We headed south to Houma….backdrop for the TV shows Cajun Justice and Swamp People. Then west on Rt 90. It looked just like the Jersey Pine lands except for the green slime on the water. I keep seeing sticks popping out of the water and I was sure they were gators. We came through a town called Plaquemine….it had all of these little run down bungalows like the little beach houses you see in Seaside Park. I would have taken a picture but they all had people sitting out on their porch sofas.

We spent a good part of the day riding through sugar cane fields. As it turned out, I never saw my gator….Troy must be shooting them all. At dinner that night I was discussing the fact that I was a little disappointed with the roads and scenery of the day while Dorothy enthusiastically disagreed. After some further discussion it appears that our differing opinions stem from the fact that no gators were seen. She was very happy, I was disappointed.

Finally reached the Myrtles Plantation about 5:00pm. We were shown to our rooms and then the staff promptly left. I say rooms because there’s one bed to a room. When I was booking the reservation, I was suddenly struck by fear with the thought of sleeping at this place in a room of my own. Fortunately, they have one set of adjoining rooms and so I snapped up that opportunity.

Yes, the staff leaves at 5:00 and the guests are left to fend for themselves against the ghosts! There’s no over night staff. So we dropped our stuff in our rooms.

My room (Ruffin Stirling Room)

Dorothy’s room (William Winters Room)

First thing on the agenda was to look around.






We promptly met the other 4 people staying in the house and we all toured each others rooms.

David and Nicole’s room

I haven’t loaded the pics of Mary and Reggie’s room yet because we all just got in from ghost hunting! As I said, the staff just leaves and you have free reign over most of the house and all of the grounds all night long. Any way, look carefully at the picture of Dave’s room, you may notice two distinct balls of light, one near the wall and one near the bed. Ghost enthusiasts claim, these ” orbs” are spirits. I’m definitely not sold on the concept…especially the ones’s you get outside. I’ll post one tomorrow. Anyway.. This Dave and Nicole are ALL about the hunt….and having a few in room cocktails….so you can’t reason with them….the guys bag fell off the bed, and of course it’s a ghost. Whatever! However, he did capture this crazy picture of a stray cat on the property, we were all standing there looking at him when Dave snapped a shot….. The cat has two orange beams of light shooting out of its ass in the picture. Not a focusing or lighting issue, the rest of the picture is completely normal. Weird, I’m gonna try and get him to email it to me.

Anyway, then the restaurant manager came out to the patio where we were all gathered “investigating” and she asked us how we were doing. She then began relation stories of her own like about how she was here alone and heard the door slam and when she went to check it, it was locked. A little while later, she heard, “Beth, Beth,Beth”. She said she never prayed so hard that it was a ghost and not some pyscho who broke into the place. And then of course she relates a story about how she was staying in the house one night and had the pillow ripped right out from under her head…….yeah…that’s my room tonight!

The house is pretty creepy because it’s so quiet…no phones, tvs or radios. It also smells old and musty and historic. I love it! Your senses are so heightened, listening for every little thing….there’s a candelabra on the fireplace mantle right next to my bed. It has clear crystals hanging from it. Every time the AC gets ready to kick on, the glass pieces, bang together to make tinkling sounds……it scared the crap out of me the first 2 times it happened. But something just made a bang on the floor, I can’t figure out what it was….my hearts beating at about a million beats a minute. I’m looking through the adjoining door into Dorothy’s room….out cold….not even a flinch.

I’m suppose to get up at the witching hour with the over enthusiastic couple across the hall to do more hunting….we’ll see what the nights brings! They have all kinds of tests set up…..coins on a table all facing down hoping they get flipped up, etc. I’ll keep you posted. Gonna try to get some sleep!

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