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A Perfect Day

September 11, 2012

Well the ghost hunting was a bust…..or was it? Last night I said the the candelabra on the mantel next to my bed would tinkle every time the AC kicked on. Well on inspection this morning, the crystals on that candelabra are spaced apart so far that you really have to shake it to get the crystals to even touch. Plus, every time I looked up at it, the crystals were perfectly still…….hummmmm….you decide.


We were up early, got packed up and headed out to the veranda to relax in a rocking chair. Before long, Cleo the cat arrived for her morning massage, positioned comfortably in Dorothy’s lap. I walked around the grounds to snap a few more pictures.


Reggie and Mary’s room




Caretakers cottage

In a short time, breakfast was ready in the General Store which was the original house built on the property. As the rest of the guests filtered in, we had an opportunity to catch up with the couple across the hall. They looked a little the worse for wear, having stayed up till 3:00 am. They didn’t have any big experiences and seemed a little disappointed. Breakfast was great and we had a great time socializing with the other guests and staff.

At 9:00, we took the historic house tour with Mark Leonard. He is a published author of historical fiction….have to check that out, He’s in the middle of writing a book set at The Myrtles. Should be interesting. Mark told us that he stayed in my room the night of Isaac, and his bed shook vigorously at multiple times during the night. He was minding the property and in the house alone…..yikes! And he can back!

After the tour, we finished packing and said out goodbyes. I really wished we could have stayed another night. Whether you have a ghost experience or not…..the best part was visiting with all the other guests, initially bonding over the anticipation of ghosts, then hunting together, laughing, joking and trying to keep an over active imagination in check. I felt like a little kid playing flashlight tag out in the back yard!

The staff was awesome. It was like visiting Louisiana relatives.

This is Miss Hester. Keeper of The Myrtles stories for the last 20 years.

Beth and Mark.

Beth was so sweet….hugs, hugs, hugs….all of them, they couldn’t have been more open and
welcoming. It really felt like family. And I think that’s the power of The Myrtles….you come for the ghosts, hoping to get touched or shook or maybe not. But you come away with so much more….the house has such character, warmth and the staff provide genuine hospitality. Ghost hunting is the backdrop for what really happens, meeting others people, sharing stories and life experiences. And that after all is my favorite part of being on the road, meeting other people.

So on the road we went. We drove into Natchez which is a great old river town, gorgeous old antebellum houses, but Dorothy and I both agreed that we just couldn’t look at or tour anymore homes. We were dying to get on open road and put some miles behind us. We stopped at the Natchez visitor center, picked up a map…..and off we went!


Dorothy read somewhere that the Natchez Trace Parkway was like riding a cloud, that’s an understatement. The Trace follows old native American footpaths. Once the Americans kicked the Natchez Indians out of their home, they continued to use these paths and some portions were very sketchy being known for murder, robbery and general mayhem.

The road itself is a 2 lane, well paved road. Zero traffic. An occasional snake to dodge. Lazy, wide radius turns, no shoulder, the green, green grass rolls right up to the edge of the road. You pass through open lush meadows, tall, straight stands of trees. Our weather has been fantastic and the sky is a shock of blue against the green vegetation. Puffy white clouds dot the sky and it’s pure heaven. Last September 11th, we were in the desolation of the desert, what a contrast!

Dorothy standing in a part of the original Trace.





Dorothy riding the Trace

I could really feel myself relaxing on this road…it’s why we came. Dorothy and I both agreed this is one of the best roads we’d every been on. And as the western sun stretched our shadows out in front of us, with Midnight Rider playing in my helmet, I couldn’t help but think about what a perfect day we were having. 400 miles to Nashville. I wish it was 4000!

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  1. Esther permalink
    September 12, 2012 3:58 pm

    Hey Melissa and Dorothy! I’m enjoying following your trip, checking in at those midnight baby feedings here! so glad you’re having great weather 🙂 and relaxing!

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