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The Cave is Dangerous

September 13, 2012

We set out this morning for the last part of the Trace into the rolling hills of Alabama and Tennessee. The morning air was chilly as the sun hadn’t cleared the trees yet and it smelled of fall.



Our first stop was to visit the graves of 13 unknown confederate soldiers, a short walk off the Trace into the woods. At one time the graves were marked but their identities have long since been lost. There is speculation the could have been injured at the battle of Shiloh and made their was south, only to die on the Trace. The sign said that the Trace was not used much since before the start of the Civil War.

As we were getting ready to leave, this scruffy lookin biker dude shows up……packin a side arm. You gotta love a state were you can openly carry and not be a cop! We got back to the parking area and his bike was packed up with camping gear and a fishin rod…..NC plates. He must be havin some trip!

Our next stop was at an old Indian cave and spring. The sign read, ” warning, the cave is dangerous”

Dorothy immediately downloaded a flashlight app so we could go spelunking.


We emerged without incident, though Dorothy was convinced there was a bobcat lurking inside.
Riding the Trace

Native American mound.


Riding the Trace

Alabama scenery



There was no Laura Ingals Wilder on this trip so we settled for Helen Keller.




The famous pump were Helen first understood that things had names. She was almost 7 years old and her teacher Annie had been with her for a month.

We ended up staying at Helen’s shack much longer than planned. This was mostly do to our tour guide, Miss Elisabeth, in whom you could easily detect the beginnings of dementia. Very sweet lady but don’t interrupt with a question or get her off script……you get the who thing all over again. With different facts.

And Lord, can the lady’s from Alabama talk…one sentence runs right into the next. I want to know when they have the time to formulate thoughts in their head.

We had lunch at the Rocking Chair restaurant in Tuscumbia…looking for some down home food. Worst lunch ever.

Back on the road, the sun was hot but starting to drop…..there was a cool breeze and the trees were choking out the sun along the parkway. The scent of fresh cut grass was everywhere.

Alabama cotton

I finally got the chance to stop by a cotton field and pick some off the plant. It’s very soft, and when ready for harvest, like now, it literally pops off when you give it a little tug!

We dallied a lot, and drove a lot today. We were running out of daylight but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to hurry along this road. This is the Tennessee River….there use to be a ferryboat crossing here.



Stopped by the burial site of Meriwether Lewis, famed explorer of the Louisiana Purchase. He was traveling back to DC on the Trace when he stopped in Hohenwald, TN and was thought to have committed suicide there. However, speculation abounds and murder is suspected. We’ll never know!



Got gas at the gun shop.


More waterfalls



We broke our cardinal rule today and finished the Trace at dusk. As the light faded, it came alive with herds of deer and wild turkeys. Unnerving as it was we took our time and tried to enjoy what few miles we had left, making our way to Nashville.

Famed Double Arched Bridge


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  1. September 14, 2012 5:45 am

    looks like the weather is better than last year enjoy

  2. Chuck and Judy Papier permalink
    September 14, 2012 12:24 pm

    Dorothy–If you are coming to Asheville,N.C.–WE ARE HERE!
    Chuck and Judy 828 350 1791 cell 609 462 1202

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