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Road Warriors

September 20, 2012

Up and ready before the dawn today. We had a big day ahead of us. We packed the bikes in the morning chill and with a look, we both knew we were in trouble. With the push of a button, the quiet of the Tennessee mountain morning is gone. We suit up like we’re going skiing, kick the bikes into gear and head to the interstate.

With the sun still behind the mountains, the low lying mist looks like the breath of a dragon, hiding, waiting to pounce. We drive in and out of the fog, freezing and damp. We intersect with I-81, turn right and start for home. Our first 100 is miserable. Getting off the road, my hands were so cold I wasn’t sure I could squeeze the clutch. If I was cold, I knew Dorothy was worse off. We stop at a Hardee’s to warm up and head back out to the road. Not actually warm. We put another 200 miles behind us before stopping for lunch in the afternoon. Still cold. The day hadn’t warmed up like we hoped.

We decide on 100 more miles. I call ahead to book a room and all I can think about is how long and how hot the shower is going to be when I get there. We rearrange the ski gear and set out. About 20 miles up the road, I feel a burning on my back and I start to sweat. Hot Flash? No. The temp has come up by 15 degrees and if I had had a free hand I would have been ripping my layers off. We suck it up while dueling with cars and 18 wheelers, finally arriving at our destination. I slam the kickstand down and see that Dorothy had managed to get herself unzipped on the way to the hotel.

We check in and I notice they have an outdoor pool……

We toss our gear in the room and skeptically go,to check out the pool. The late afternoon sun is HOT and the pool is clean, clear and big. We stick our feet in and the temp is reminiscent of the Sliding Rock yesterday. Before long, we both have a swim in the freezing water. Given the bone chilling cold we had experienced until about 2 hours prior, there is no way you would have been able to convince me that I would be jumping into freezing water later in the day.

We baked dry in the sun and headed back to the room when the breeze kicked in. Since it was our last hotel stay for this trip, we decide on take out for dinner.

Tonight, we had french fries with cheese and bacon. Is that wrong?

Jersey tomorrow.

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